Job Opportunity - Trainee Stage Manager


DATES: 11th June – 28th July

LOCATION: Glasgow Botanic Gardens.



Job Description


Bard in the Botanics, Scotland's premier Shakespeare company, are looking for a trainee stage manager to join our team this summer for the 2018 Bard in the Botanics season in Glasgow's Botanic Gardens.


The trainee stage manager will work as part of our small, dedicated team to assist with the production of our "Star-Cross'd Lovers" season of plays. They will be under the supervision of our Festival Production Manager, Sam Ramsay, and our Stage Manager, Suzie Goldberg - who, between them, have more than 15 years of experience staging outdoor Shakespeare with the company.


The trainee stage manager will support with some ASM rehearsal duties for our mainstage productions of "Romeo and Juliet" and "Much Ado About Nothing" and will also take charge of running our small-scale performances in the Kibble Palace Glasshouse - "Antony and Cleopatra" and "Edward II" - during production.


The position offers an opportunity to develop your skills in a wide range of stage management roles under the guidance of a highly experienced staff and is a perfect training opportunity for both large and small-scale professional work.


This position is open to recent graduates or current students in Stage Management or Production (you must have graduated within the last 5 years from or currently be studying on an accredited course)


Fee - £350 per week


Dates – 11th June – 28th July (because of the short time scale on this application, we will consider a later starting date – no later than Thursday 14th June)


If you would like to be considered for this opportunity, please email Artistic Director, Gordon Barr, at with a copy of your current CV by 6p.m. on Wednesday 6th June

Job Opportunity - Recent Graduate Wardrobe / Design Assistant




DATES: 28th May – 13th July

LOCATION: Glasgow Botanic Gardens.

FEE: £2450

Funded by a "Recent Graduate" Bursary from the Federation of Scottish Theatre, Bard in the Botanics are looking for a recent graduate (must have graduated within the past 3 years) to join our Wardrobe Team this summer.



The Graduate Design/Wardrobe Assistant will participate in the effective and efficient delivery of Bard in the Botanics wardrobe services, (i.e. costume, wigs and accessories), for the BITB Summer Season consisting of “Romeo & Juliet”, “Anthony & Cleopatra”, “Much Ado about Nothing” and “Edward II”.

This placement operates within the company's Production department and, as such, is expected to make a positive contribution to the development of the Production and to the success of the company as a whole.

Bard in the Botanics aspires to the highest quality in its production values and in the delivery of wardrobe services and the post holder will have a key role in achieving quality targets and developing and maintaining standards.

You will work closely with the Head of Wardrobe and the designers throughout this placement, as well as with the cast and key members of the production team.


·        Assisting in construction, sewing and alteration of costumes for the production

·        Assisting in the making of any prop costumes, millinery, masks, dyeing and distressing of costumes.

·        Attending fittings and assisting in the fitting of garments.

·        Within skill levels, to cut costumes as allocated by the Wardrobe Supervisor.

·        To assist and support the Wardrobe Supervisor in work with the Costume Designer concerning the production of all costumes, accessories and wigs for the season.  This will include making, finding, hiring or purchasing.

·        To work as an effective member of the Wardrobe Department.

·        If desired by the graduate, opportunity to shadow the designer throughout the process and have on the job learning opportunities in how design decisions are made and completed.


In pursuit of the above, the Assistant’s duties will include:

Departmental Responsibilities

·      Participate in the efficient and effective delivery of the design department's services and the day-to-day operation of the departments and workspaces.

·      Supporting effective communications within the Wardrobe Department, between the Wardrobe Department and the Head of Design and with other teams within the Production team.

·      To represent Bard in the Botanics with politeness and professionalism at all times when dealing with members of the public and the industry.


Essential skills and experience

·      To have Graduated from a Scottish Higher Education Institute within the last 2 years.

·      Good costume making skills.

·      Good machining skills.

·      Practical experience of working in a costume and wigs department within a theatre environment.

·      Good communication skills, both written and verbal.

·      Experience of working with creative personnel.

·      IT literate.

·      Punctual

·      Willing to undertake some long hours to ensure the delivery of the costumes on schedule.

·      A good level of decorum and professionalism when dealing with actors and members of the production team.

·      A keen love of theatre and the processes involved to make outstanding pieces of theatre.


HOW TO APPLY - Please send a CV and covering letter to Head of Design, Carys Hobbs, at

DEADLINE - Thursday 24th May @ 5p.m.